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Moving to a new a state always comes with its own basket of adventures. Even if you aren't moving from that far away, every state does things a little bit differently! Whether it's the things they eat, the slang they use, their unspoken rules of the road, or the way they make you register your vehicle, every state is different!

In 2020 I made the move from Massachusetts (my lifelong state) over the border to New Hampshire and I was JAZZED! My conversion from a Mass-hole to a Granite Stater was a long time coming. I really didn't think anything would surprise me or be that different about living in New Hampshire vs. Massachusetts. They border each other, for crying out loud! I am here to report that I was quite wrong. There are things I didn't know about New Hampshire until I lived here.

Then I got to thinking, what do people who move to New Hampshire from an entirely different area of the country or even the world notice when they move here? What shocks them? I posted the question on a few Facebook communities, and the answers were pretty entertaining. Some will make you proud to live in New Hampshire, and some will make you say "Yeah, I guess it's pretty weird we do that".

If any of these offend you, just remember they are merely the opinions of a handful of people, not necessarily facts!  Regardless, it's fascinating to see our state through someone else's eyes sometimes.

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