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As much as I desperately want to own a pet monkey, I understand why Maine has such strict laws and regulations for owning exotic animals. Our altruistic state cares too much about our wildlife and one another to put anything or anyone in harm’s way.

There obviously have to be written laws on this for the safety of us and the animals and if there weren't legislation in place, it would be a madhouse. My monkey wouldn't necessarily harm others but my brother's dream of having a pet lion in the backyard might disrupt our neighborhood in North Yarmouth.

The types of animals you can own varies drastically by each state, with Florida having way cooler animals on the list than what could safely survive here in the Pine Tree State. And although the animals on this list can technically be owned in the state, it's not always the safest or smartest thing to do so always use common sense, best practices, and if you aren't sure, ask.

I may not be able to have my own capuchin to throw its poo around my house but you would be surprised what animals we actually are allowed to own.

In case you’re getting bored with your old house cat that only lets you pet him twice a week, I’ve pulled together a list of pets you can legally own in the state of Maine (some require a permit, but it may just be worth that extra step).

I am not condoning the ownership of these animals, I am simply letting you know what you could technically legally own in the state.

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