There are over 700 Maine cities and towns. That's a lot of places.

And while there are some pretty recognizable ones for Mainers and those from away, like Portland, Augusta, Bangor, etc, some of the most famous Maine towns are not even real.

In fact, some people's idea of what Maine looks like and "is" could probably be linked to a number of popular movies, books, and TV shows.

While Maine isn't actually home to any killer clowns (or maybe it is?), the state has been the setting for a number of fictitious places.

Some places you would swear were real. Crabapple Cove has GOT to be an actual place in Maine, right? Nope.

If Cabot Cove were a real place, the British newspaper The Telegraph says that according to the FBI, it would be the "murder capital of the world."

Mainer Stephen King has most of the famous fictional Maine towns to his credit, but that's probably not surprising to you. Of course, most of those are based on real places.

You've probably heard of Derry, Maine, but nope. Not a real place. It's certainly based on a number of real places in Maine, including Bangor.

That said, here's a list of some of the most famous fictional towns in Maine. How many do you know? How many would you want to visit?

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