Ha!  How fun is this fact?  It feels like something out of the movies that Hollywood could have so much fun with, because it feels way too far-fetched to ever really happen. It could be a romantic comedy, or maybe they're all sleuths solving crimes in an entertaining teen movie.  Seriously, what are the chances that 15 sets of twins all graduate from the same high school at the same time?  Oh, and one group of triplets, as well?  Yes, we cannot forget the triplets.

Westford Academy
Westford Academy

According to Western Mass News, seeing double and triple is nothing new at Westford Academy, where for years, these twins and triplets have been attending school together, hanging out, playing sports, doing activities, and now graduating.  I wonder if they're all going to college together.  And just wait, because even with graduation, the twins' phenomenon at Westford isn't finished yet.

Are you ready for this? Because it doesn't end here with graduation.  The Westford Academy class of 2024 has six sets of twins.  I mean, what the what???  That's outrageously cool, and even more so when you think that's not as big of a deal after this class of 2023.

Westford Academy's graduating class of 2023 has more than 400 students in it, too.  Just in the yearbook alone, WHDH says they need two full pages just for the twins and triplets.  By the way, the triplets jokingly told WHDH that they get to pull rank because there's strength in numbers.

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