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Mainers have their own way of talking, slang I guess you can say, and if I am being honest there are some terms that I am still trying to learn.

Some words and phrases are "ayuh" which means uh-huh, "take a diggah" which means to take a fall, and "Flatlandah" which means someone not from Maine (so does someone that's "from away").

To someone that is a flatlander (not from Maine), they may think that Mainers love their L.L. Bean (which is true), only wear flannel, eat lobsters almost daily, and love moose.

There is so much more to being a Mainer, and it seems to be that to be one, you have to have grown up in Maine or at least live here for a while to not be considered an outsider.

So if you are trying or ever find yourself trying to fake being a Mainer, there are some things that you should probably know.

No, Mainers do not wear flannel daily. No, they do not eat lobster daily. And yes, go buy a winter jacket and some boots from L.L. Bean.

However, you will need to learn to understand Mainers' sayings, or else you put yourself at high risk of being caught as a flatlander.

Even if you are a true Mainer or from away and want to be a Mainer, there are some things that you never should say.

I asked Mainers in 5 words or less, what's something that someone could say that would get their Mainer card revoked? The results are in.

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