A True Believer in UFOs


I am a true believer in UFOs.  My friend was getting me up to speed on the famous Exeter, New Hampshire sighting.  I hadn’t heard of it.  Recently the Pentagon declassified a ton of documents on UFOs but there was no mention in the declassified material on the Exeter incident.  Very curious.


Still a Mystery


According to exeterufofestival.org Norman Muscarello was hitchhiking (which tells you how old this story is) back in 1965 when he saw an object in the sky along Route 150 that scared him to pieces.  He dove into a ditch to try and hide from the large object with flashing red lights.  He saw the object move over a house and ran to the neighbor’s house to try and warn someone, but no one answered.  Terrified, when he saw headlights approaching, he stopped the car and asked for a ride to the closest police station to tell the tale.  I’m sure the police had a chuckle but they drove Muscarello back to the scene and what do you know, the police officer witnessed the large object about 100 feet off the ground making the farm animals kick and squeal.  He radioed headquarters and a second officer, David Hunt arrived on the scene and saw the object in the sky.  It finally rose and disappeared in the sky leaving all three men shaken.


The Government’s Explanation


The patrolmen reported the incident to the Pease Air Force base and the Air Force later released a statement that the men witnessed nothing but the stars and some type of weather inversion.  Exeter has never been the same.  The Exeter UFO Festival was canceled last year due to COVID-19 restrictions, but you better believe I will be attending this year’s Festival next summer if they hold it.  If there are aliens visiting our planet, they like the Northeast.  According to an article from usatoday.com, some of the states with the most UFO sightings are Vermont and Maine.



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