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There is no denying it, people tend to always piss us off on the road. There is at least one person that does something that really just gets on your nerves. It could be as simple as someone not using a blinker (turn signal) when taking a turn or not using them when they are entering or exiting a rotary.

Some people just drive crazy and some have severe road rage (I cannot tell you the number of times I've seen people flip off other drivers). Sometimes, we yell at drivers silently in our heads, while other times, we just cannot seem to hold it in.

Every so often, there is a pleasant driver. One that is kind and will actually let you switch over to get to another lane or they give you space to pull out onto the main road. Which, of course, you give them the courteous response of raising your hand to say "thank you."

In Massachusetts, residents (especially while driving) are called "Massholes," meanwhile people that live in Maine, are called "Maineiacs." But, what really makes someone a "Maineiac"?

There are a ton of possibilities as to why someone is a "Maineiac," such as, they could drive recklessly weaving in and out of cars without using their blinkers. But, Maine has more than just fast drivers.

I set out on a mission to find out what driving tendencies Mainers have, both good and bad. Even with passing their driver's test (and possibly even driver's education), Mainers have a lot of "bad" mannerisms on the road that could get out of staters (and let's be honest, even Mainers themselves) pissed off while out on the road.

Think you are a good driver? Keep scrolling to see what Mainers claim Maine drivers do that makes people hate us.

30 Things Maine Drivers Do That Makes Everyone Hate Us

Think you are a good driver? Here are some "bad" driving tendencies that Mainers have. 

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