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Year after year, we get more used to the snow and crazy weather that winter gives us here in New England. Throughout the years, we learn new tips and tricks to help us handle all that mother nature wants to throw at us.

Obviously, we know to dress correctly so that we can stay warm and not get sick. Wearing a coat, gloves, snow shoes, etc all keep us warm when we are out shoveling, playing in the snow, or just walking when the air is freezing. But, did you know that mittens will actually keep you warmer than gloves?

Yup, you read that correctly. Granted mittens are not the easiest to text with (let's be honest, I don't think that anyone can text with mittens on), but they will keep you warmer during colder weather due to the fact that they allow your fingers to have skin to skin contact.

Take the mittens as your first life hack. Do I think it will make us all switch to mittens? No, but we may now invest in a pair when we do not need our phones out and we're wicked cold.

Let's go on to talk about 4 other hacks that you most likely haven't heard about.

Did you know that bubble wrap can come in handy when it comes to New England winters? Yes, bubble wrap, the thing we use to wrap our breakables. Apparently, if you stick the flat side of bubble wrap to your windows, it acts like insulation.

Even though you think that your windows are sealed well, heat can still escape through them and the bubble wrap will help. If you are afraid that taping it up could hurt your windows, all you have to do is just spray the window with some water and that will allow the bubble wrap to stick.

If you want to live dangerously and ride your bike during the snowy winters, then this next hack is perfect for you.

You will only need a couple of things, your bike, and zip ties. To get more traction on your bike's tires, you will want to stagger zip ties around each tire (about a 1/2 inch apart). After you are done putting on the zip ties, you will want to cut the excess off and then you pretty much have snow chains on your tires.

The next hack is for your car. We all know about deicer. Some of us use deicer windshield wiper fluid and some of us choose to use the spray to get rid of unwanted ice on our car's windows. However, this is something I've never heard about before.

Have you ever tried vinegar on your windshield? Vinegar can help to ice-proof your windshield. All you have to do is mix three parts vinegar with one part water and spray it on your windshield. This will keep ice from sticking to it the next day, or you are able to use the same mixture to melt ice that is already on your windshield.

Lastly, if you are sick of snow sticking to your shovel then this may be the best solution. To keep snow from sticking to your shovel while you are shoveling, you can either spray your shovel with cooking spray or rub it with vegetable oil.

The cold and snow can be annoying, but these hacks can make your life a little easier.

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