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Maine is a gorgeous state from views of mountains to the ocean.

Apparently, Maine is a great place to live if you are married or thinking about getting married.

It could even be the perfect place if you are thinking about popping the question.

According to Point 2 Homes, couples in Maine are a part of the few states including Wyoming and West Virginia, where the median duration of marriage is the highest in the country.

How long do you believe love will last? What makes love last?

Well, it seems like Maine has what it takes to make love last for a very long time.

Maine and West Virginia, according to Point 2 Homes, are the two states that have the longest-lasting marriages in the nation, with a median of 22.3 years.

Granted I still do not have an engagement ring on my finger, I can see how Maine is one of the perfect places to spend many years with my partner.

My partner and I moved here not too long ago and realized that there is so much to do.

Not to mention, our long trek from Florida to Maine seemed to already put a giant smile on his face.

Let me tell you a snowball fight with your partner is so much better than running around throwing snow as a child. I mean, have you seen a grown man on a kid's sled- I will tell you now it's hysterical.

Even though we have yet to be here long, we can tell Maine could (and very well may) turn into our forever home.

Maine has many events and activities for you to attend all throughout the year!

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