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It's time for Mainers to unite and help a good boy find a forever home.

Meet Jasper.

Midcoast Humane Society via Facebook
Midcoast Humane Society via Facebook

Jasper is a guest at the Midcoast Humane Society and has been waiting a long time for the good news of a new home.

Jasper is a 4-year-old terrier and American Pitbull mix. He weighs a healthy 80lbs and has the smile of an angel. Jasper is well-behaved, and ready for an adult-only house to show him the love and affection he deserves.

According to the Midcoast Humane Society, Jasper can be very timid. However, he is quick to adjust and warm up to any potential new owners. He is a true dog parent pet who will give unwavering loyalty.

Jasper loves to play, take walks, and enjoy his human parents' company. And when I say that, I mean it. He is a true snuggle buddy.

Every shelter animal deserves a forever home, and Jasper is long overdue. According to the Midcoast Humane Society, it has been nearly 500 days of shelter living for this amazing dog. That's half of his life so far; a heartbreaking statistic.

Let's help get Jasper that forever home he has been waiting patiently for. The easiest thing you can do is share the Midcoast Humane Society's latest post to help spread the word. Or maybe you'll even consider adopting this sweet boy. As someone who has adopted numerous shelter pets, I can easily say you will be better for it. And the pet will love you unconditionally, forever.

Good luck, Jasper. I hope you have a home soon.

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