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I'm so IN with this futuristic travel.  Honestly, weren't we supposed to have flying cars by now?  That's okay, I'll take flying ferries.  I mean, Shark Tank investor Mark Cuban believes, and this wasn't even on the reality show.

Regent Craft Website
Regent Craft Website

Leave it to two aerospace engineering graduates from MIT to invent this technologically advanced, futuristic-looking part boat, part plane, part ferry.  I've attached a couple of videos at the end of the article.  But will this take over ferries?  Probably not, simply because of its capacity and pricier travel tickets.  However it's sure to make an impact for those of us that travel for business or pleasure between coastal towns and cities quickly, and it's emission-free.  It's called a seaglider, and flies just above the water's surface.

Regent Craft Website
Regent Craft Website

According to Boston-based startup, Regent Craft, seagliders can travel up to 500 miles at a maximum speed of 180 miles per hour.

Our mission is to drastically reduce the cost and headache of regional transportation between coastal cities.  Our vehicle, called a seaglider, is a wing-in-ground-effect craft that operates a few meters off the water's surface and couples the high speed of an airplane with the low operating cost of a boat. Built to the same safety standards of all modern aircraft and watercraft, our vehicle will service routes up to 180 miles with existing battery technology, and routes up to 500 miles with next-gen batteries, all via existing dock infrastructure.  Our team of MIT-trained, ex-Boeing engineers are leveraging maritime vehicle development pathways to bring our zero-emission, high-speed seagliders to market within five years.

Seagliders are 100% electric and obviously, like ferries, only travels between coastal towns, and that's something we're all about.  Just thinking how much more quickly  Mainers can get to the Cape or Bostonians can get to Block Island.


Regent says it plans to have Seagliders not just in coastal towns and cities around the country, but around the world.


Right now, Regent Craft and its founders, Billy Thalheimer and Mike Klinker, have secured more than $450 million in provisional orders from top aviation operators around the world. One of its biggest financers, as you know, coming from Shark Tank Reality Show investor and Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, according to PR Web.

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