At 4AM today, a giant crashing sound shook the Winter Street neighborhood in Rochester. A much smaller, yet no less upsetting sound would then ring out.

Squirrel In The Morning Sun
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A big maple tree that was slowly rotting away in the backyard area of the property where I live, toppled over at the backend of the driveway.

A few years ago, a tree service felled the top two thirds of it and the bottom stump, about twenty five feet high, remained.

That tall stump is what fell.

It missed both my downstairs neighbor's car, and my own, by just a few feet.

Normally on such an occasion, within my duties as a content provider, I'd snap two or three photos of the aftermath of this fortunate event and post it, post haste.

However, the ailing cries of three decidedly unfortunate baby squirrels that lived in a nest in the top of that tree, made me feel too upset to photograph or film any of it.

It was pitch dark still, and their little eyes were closed shut whenever the light from the flashlight shone upon them and all three kept shrieking out a high pitched wail.

My neighbors had already called the non-emergency Police line and they said that animal services will be happy to take their call at 8AM.

With nothing to do for another four hours, I felt almost as helpless as the squirrels and decided to head into work, but the guilt has stayed with me.

I was hoping to wait until tomorrow and give everyone the big update but I really can't think of anything else.

It's funny, during 'The Great Squirrel Apocalypse of 2018', I'd drive by three thousand crushed squirrels on my commute and never blink an eye. But today, those three sad little guys wailing away for help really messed me up!

I've sent a couple texts to my neighbors but haven't heard any replies yet. All I can do at this point is wait for an update.

I've seen squirrels bounce off pavement after a poorly judged leap from astronomical heights, and then, bound away like nothing happened.

I'm hoping these little guys are just as tough.

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