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If you are up for a potential haunted experience at the Hawthorne Hotel, then you're in luck!

The Hawthorne Hotel in Salem, MA is considered to be one of the most haunted hotels in America.

According to Historic Hotels of America, guests who have stayed at the Hawthorne Hotel have admitted to observing some paranormal activity. If you choose to stay, you may hear some unexplained noises or see pieces of furniture move around, or maybe even a figure of a ghostly woman.

It is rumored that two rooms in particular, rooms 325 and 612, are the most haunted. If you choose to stay on the sixth floor, be warned, there have been reports of a ghostly woman walking the halls. Let's hope that she doesn't try to wake you up at night.

The Hawthorne Hotel has even appeared on television screens and more. Historic Hotels of America mentions that in the '70s, one episode of 'Bewitched' was filmed in one of the elevators, and in 2007, Ghost Hunters visited to investigate the hotel.

Why is this hotel supposedly haunted? It could be because in 1990 the hotel held a séance in the Grand Ballroom, trying to contact Harry Houdini.

If you want to possibly experience some paranormal activity,  you may be able to at the Hawthorne Hotel's masquerade ball.

That's right, you can dress up and immerse yourself in a Venetian masquerade ball. There will be live entertainment, DJs, photo opportunities, food, and more.

This year's ball will be inspired by authors and masters of the written word. So you can dress up in your masquerade best or even plan your outfit to be inspired by your favorite writer.

If you choose to stay overnight,  you can. The hotel is offering a discounted rate for the weekend if you attend the ball.

Grab your mask and fancy outfits, because the masquerade ball will be happening on Saturday, April 9th.

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