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New England Tip Generosity

Even since before the pandemic kicked in at the start of 2020 and the restaurant industry was heavily effected, there had been off-and-on stories of tip generosity from all around New England already. Thankfully now, with the wind seemingly at our backs as far as the pandemic goes and operating at about 98% normalcy, the generosity of Mainers, Granite Staters, and the rest of New Englanders remains alive and well.

Sam Dan Truong
Sam Dan Truong

Portsmouth Gas Station Generosity

A few days ago, Portsmouth, NH resident Katerina Creditt posted an amazing story of generosity into the Portsmouth, NH Facebook group highlighting a surprise she received at her "daily Mobil" that led to her comfortably making it to the following day monetarily. As Katerina put it in her post,

"I got a $10 tip today at work and tomorrow is payday, however, I had to make that $10 last."

With $10 in hand, Katerina popped by the Mobil gas station in town, as she did daily, and was discussing how she would make that $10 last until the following day between gas and tolls.

"All of a sudden, this lady who was standing a few feet away talking to her friend turned around and handed me $40. I kept trying to refuse because I felt bad but she wouldn’t take no for an answer."

Townsquare Media
Townsquare Media

While pumping gas, Katerina mentioned feeling "extremely thankful" at how amazing and selfless the gesture was, considering all the struggles we're all facing with inflation hitting us hard. She was also excited to tell her children, who were in the car during the entire interaction.

Following the story, her son, Sean, mentioned he's excited to get his license "so he can pay someone's toll."

"To this woman that I have never met, I just want to say thank you again. Not just for the gas but also the reminder that we are all in this together and a little kindness to even just one person starts a wave of good deeds. I will pay it forward and spread even more kindness. Thank you and God Bless!"

Sometimes, it only takes one small act of kindness to completely turn around someone's day, week, month, or year. And clearly, no one does it better than New Englanders.

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