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For almost 50 years, Stephen King's novels have been adapted into films and TV shows. It all started back in 1976 with the movie adaptation of Carrie and most recently Stephen King's novel "Firestarter" had a second theatrical release (the first one was released in 1984).

Stephen King was set to release another movie adaption of his novel Salem's Lot this year, however, it was pushed back to next year.  If you are wanting to see another Stephen King film adaptation, then you will not have to wait until next year. That's right, one is coming out sooner, but you will not be able to see it in a movie theater.

From the comfort of your sofa (or bed), you will soon be able to watch the newest adaption of one of Stephen King's novellas. According to Cinema Blend, Netflix recently announced the release date for the next Stephen King adaptation, Mr. Harringan's Phone.

Mr. Harrigan's Phone will be based on Stephen King's novella of the same name. The story focuses on a teenage boy (Craig), who lives in the small town of Harlow, Maine. Craig gets a part-time job helping his neighbor (Mr. Harrigan) and they end up forming a friendship. Four times a year, Mr. Harrigan sends Craig a scratch ticket and when Craig wins big, he ended up getting Mr. Harrigan an iPhone.

Of course, since this is a Stephen King novella some supernatural activity is bound to happen, and of course, it does (but I will not spoil that for you).

According to Cinema Blend, this is the third time that a Stephen King adaptation will be produced as a Netflix exclusive. The first was Gerald’s Game back in 2017 and the second was In The Tall Grass in 2019.

You will be able to stream Mr. Harringan's Phone on Netflix starting on October 5th.

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