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This is exactly what everyone needs right now.

The past couple of years has presented all sorts of different problems for different people. The one thing we all have in common is that it hasn't been easy. As Jenny Lane from Alfred put it, 'one thing after another'. Yup. So when her 17-year-old son called to say he hit a deer and didn't know what to do, her heart sank.

Something you should know about that 17-year-old Gavin...he's a big jokester. But he wasn't kidding around. He hit a deer and wasn't sure what to do. Jenny asked if the deer was still alive. Gavin said it was knocked out but that she seemed fine.

Of course the next question was...where is it? He said he was 'petting it'. Then the conversation went a little like this:

Mom: 'What???'

Gavin: 'Yah, it licked my face!'

Mom: 'Shut the hell up!'

Gavin: 'Yah, she seems fine. She's just hanging out.'

Remember, Gavin is a kidder, and jokes around a lot - so Jenny needed proof and said,

Take a picture...he sent this.

Jenny Lane
Jenny Lane

To see her kid best friends with a deer he just hit cracked Jenny up. Mostly because everyone involved was good. Her son Gavin and her 18-year-old son RJ (who was following Gavin in another car) are fine, his car is fine and after the selfie, Bambi ran off into the woods. Jenny is still laughing, because as she pointed out,

We really cannot even make this sh@# up!!

Thank you Jenny for letting me share this. Because you are right. This is hysterical. And it's just the weirdo thing that makes perfect sense these days. It's just nice that everything and everyone was okay. It's not every day you get to take a selfie with Bambi.

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