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It may have seemed like the entire Seacoast of New Hampshire has been gushing about Chase Winovich's enthusiasm since his tweets started.

For weeks now, the New England Patriots defensive end has been hyped about the Granite State -- more specifically, Portsmouth, on his Twitter page.

The Cliff's Notes version for you -- starting in mid-January, he started talking about New Hampshire being "so cool," he called Portsmouth "randomly the coolest city in the world," said that he was "moving (his) off-season operations to Portsmouth, it's so sick here," and just way more gushing about it.

Actually, as recently as February 1, he said that if he had infinite money, he "would also buy a mansion in New Hampshire."

But don't feel left out, Maine, because he's all about the 207, too. Last week, he asked "how you guys feel about Maine," and after a bunch of responses, went on to say "ok, so I will live in Maine for 60 days but I will get 99 Strength in New Hampshire."

Basically, he realizes that northern New England reeks of SO much stellarocity, that he's straight up fallen in love with it.

Maddie Meyer
Maddie Meyer

Winovich gets why the area is so special. And he started getting serious about it 2 days ago.

Like, SUPER serious.

So serious that it almost became obsessive? But in a REALLY cool, fun, awesome way. Like he's so in love with Portsmouth already that he's already done research on it.

Well, it turns out that changing his Twitter bio location to Portsmouth, New Hampshire and speaking it into existence worked, because late last night, he dropped this beauty.

Now, a member of the Pats has the SAME passion about where we live, that we have for them. And they are going to be staying in Portsmouth for a bit. Exciting.

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