As an outbreak at a Kittery nursing home continues to grow, some residents are celebrating their victories over COVID-19.

According to the Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Durgin Pins had 61 cumulative COVID-19 cases related to its outbreak as of Monday to go along with five known deaths as of Tuesday.

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Still, Durgin Pines took to Facebook over the last week to share the stories of its residents that had defeated the coronavirus. Durgin Pines Administrator Lauren Scogin said 16 residents had recovered as of Monday.

In each post, Durgin Pines shared a photo of the resident holding up a sign showcasing some of their life accomplishments.

One, featuring a woman named Johanna, said she went "from being a wonderful nurse who cared for all to beating COVID."

Another woman named Marie said she had "raised four beautiful kids, eight grandkids, 17 soon to be 18 great-grandkids."

A third woman, named Eugenia, was apparently "an accomplished violinist in the Portland Symphony Orchestra."

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