Time to take down your bird feeders


Bird feeders are an attractive nuisance. I like to feed the birds all year, in fact, my wife and grandson call it their “screen time” to watch the bird feeder I have placed outside the window at my daughter’s house.  Fortunately, they don’t have to worry about attracting bears where she lives.  New Hampshire Fish and Game is asking the public in New Hampshire to take down your bird feeder at least till December to avoid attracting bears to your property according to wmur.com.


I, like the Bears, Will be looking for snacks


Once this time of year comes around my diet seems to go out the window.  Maybe I am part bear because there has been an uptick in my snacking.  The bears in our area are making their last-ditch effort to fatten up before hibernation and bird feeders can attract them which can lead to dangerous interactions with us humans.  The bears also have fantastic memories of where they got a good snack so if they find your feeder this year, they will come back next year looking for it.


Before they head into their Dens for Winter


Before the bears head into their dens for a long winter nap, they are looking not just for your birdseed, they would really love your trash.  Get the trash cans with bear locks.  They also just love licking all that grease off your grill so it might be wise to give your grill a good clean so as not to attract them.  It may seem harmless to watch a bear from your window eating out of your bird feeder, but you can’t predict that a bear won’t be back in your yard when you are outside. Bring the bird the feeders inside until December and stay safe!


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