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One bite, everybody knows the rules.

You know that one sentence means that it is pizza review time, courtesy of Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy.

If you are not familiar, here is my three-sentence recap:

Dave Portnoy started a blogging/betting/sports reviewing/social media mega-company known as Barstool Sports. Now although most of Barstool's content is sports and betting related, they also provide hilarious social media content like pizza reviews.

The founder, Portnoy, reviews pizzas (very harshly) in order to find the best pizza in every state, and eventually the entire United States.

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This past week, Portnoy found himself where it all began: Boston, Massachusetts.

Portnoy of Barstool, who recently sold their company to Penn, has spent the past week in Massachusetts to drum up some gamblers, as online sports betting became legal in Massachusetts on March 10, 2023.

Since Portnoy was in Massachusetts, he decided to take some time to do a few pizza reviews on the North Shore - his old stomping grounds.

His first stop was in Salem, MA to review the Flying Saucer Pizza Company.

The review landed the Flying Saucer Pizza Co. a 6.7 (out of 10 of course). Points were deducted for lack of crispiness.

The next stop was Mandee's Pizza in Salem, MA.

Portnoy scored Mandee's a 6.5. He disliked the conveyer belt style, saying it was a "cross between Papa Ginos and Dominos"

Next up was Little Italy, in Beverly, MA. He was already nervous about the conveyer belt style.

The hilarious blogger ranked Little Italy a 6.2 He claimed the sauce was too sweet and had "negative infinity crisp."

Portnoy ended the review with a stressful statement for North Shore pizza lovers: "The North Shore just may not have my style pizza."

Hopeful to find a ZA that he liked, Portnoy headed to Danvers, MA to review Rocco's Pizza House.

"I have high hopes," said Portnoy before the first bite. "I do like this," as he ranked it the best on the North Shore for his trip with a 7.2.


Somewhat disappointed in the pizza showing, Portnoy knew he could review the one thing North Shore, Massachusetts does best: roast beef.

9.9. The final score.

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