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Walking around the mall in my hometown was such a prominent piece of my childhood. In middle school we would get dropped off at the Searstown Mall in Leominster, MA, and it felt like the world was our oyster.

First we would pop into Strawberries and buy the new TLC CD. Then it was off to Filene's to use all of the free makeup samples and walk out thinking we were model material, but in real life we looked like we were auditioning for the circus. We never bought anything because our parents only gave us $20, and that was reserved for a Munchie Mania and Fribble at Friendly's for lunch. Then we would pop into the arcade called "Time Out", watch kids play "Dance Dance Revolution" and occasionally play ourselves. And let us not forget Bath & Body Works! OH THE NOSTALGIA! If I took a whiff of Cucumber Melon or Sweet Pea today it would immediately transport me back to 2002.

The mall was the place where everything happened! If you were getting serious with a boy, you would take a few laps around the mall while holding hands (fingers laced) and everyone would know that you were bf/gf status by Monday.

Just as the Searstown Mall was a huge part of my childhood, the Steeplegate Mall in Concord was a large part of so many people's teenage years. With malls dying a slow and painful death thanks to Covid and the undeniable convenience of online shopping, it's sad to think that these places may cease to exist and the next generation won't get to enjoy them.

It was posted in the Concord NH Community Facebook group that Bath & Body Works at the Steeplegate Mall is closing for good on January 22nd. Everything in the store is 75% off but that is not because they are going out of business. They just happen to be in the middle of their semi annual sale. The post stated that all of the employees are being moved to the Manchester store.

A lot of people were sad to see this news and said that BBW was on the only store they ever went to! But alas, another one bites the dust. :( Make sure you stock up on all of your antibacterial hand gel and body lotion before they close their doors for good.

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