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These immersive adventures that are so spellbinding and illuminating are often about art, as you find yourself surrounded and immersed into each painting.  I went to the Immersive Monet in Boston where I was transported into Claude Monet's paintings and those of other Impressionists.

Looks like it's time for the kiddos to have some fun now, thanks to Immersive Disney in Boston with Lighthouse Immersive Studios.  They travel all over North America filling huge, open spaces with music and images, enveloping you 360 degrees and on the floor.

With Disney Immersive, Lighthouse Immersive Studios says you can surround yourself with the worlds, music, and stories of Disney animation.

Lighthouse Immersive Studios says that bringing these animated Disney movie blockbusters to life will fill the soul because it's a multi-sensory experience.  The projections of the animation float around the walls, telling stories as they fill the space with music.  Lighthouse Immersive Studios founder Corey Ross says if you've been to the other shows like Immersive Van Gogh, you totally understand how the adventure engulfs you.

Just imagine journeying through Zootopia with Judy Hopps, diving to the ocean floor with Ariel, flying on a magic carpet with Aladdin, and stepping into Casita with Mirabel and the family Madrigal. This is where the Disney Animation: Immersive Experience will take you.

Click here to buy tickets and watch the trailer below if you want to immerse yourself in this magical world that's been a part of our lives for as long as we can remember.

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