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Valentine's Day is Tuesday

It may feel like we were just counting down the seconds from stepping out of 2022 into 2023, but we're already rounding the corner toward the middle of February.

Which means some of us are about to drop a ton of money on flowers, chocolate, candy, fancy dinners, and whatever else on the love of our lives. Others are planning on hanging with their best friends to celebrate Galentine's Day. A few are going to pour themselves a glass (or bottle) of wine to honor Singles Awareness Day.

And the rest are just anxiously waiting for Wednesday, February 15 to come to stock up on half-off candy and chocolate. (It's me, hi, I'm "the rest" it's me.)

Aedrian / Angiola Harry
Aedrian / Angiola Harry

That said, one New Hampshire college is helping people who dropped the ball and forgot Valentine's Day is less than a week away with last-minute gifts that will help step on cancer's stupid throat at the same time.

Plymouth State Fundraiser

The one thing that's been noticeable on social media lately is the fact that a lot of local colleges and the students at those colleges are all about charity, helping, and doing good. (Mr. Feeny from Boy Meets World would be proud of the "doing good" part.)

Yesterday, an Instagram account associated with Plymouth State College in Plymouth, New Hampshire -- American Cancer Society (ACS) On Campus PSU -- posted about a Build-a-Bear Fundraiser they're putting on this Tuesday (on Valentine's Day) from 9a-2p to help punch cancer in the junk.

A member of PSU Chapter of ACS On Campus, Anna Sargent, a former Miss State Parks NH who is no stranger to charitable events, mentioned it's a great way to help others while helping yourself/bailing yourself out.

This event is perfect for people who need a last-minute Valentine's gift! You pick how much you want to donate in return for a teddy bear!

End relationship drama before it starts and help end cancer's stupid existence. Sounds like a win-win combo.

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