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So this is definitely not something you see every day.  As a matter of fact, unless someone catches it on video, the chance is pretty slim that the majority of us would ever see such a thing.

I absolutely loved scrolling through Instagram, and ran across this video from WGME in Portland captured by Dan Richardson while he was enjoying at day at Crystal Lake in Gray, Maine, about 30 miles north of Portland.  Can you just imagine being able to capture something so beautiful?

This video shows a bald eagle beautifully executing the breast stroke toward land.  Once he or she arrives there, you can see a fish in his talons.  What talent, for sure, but that's no surprise, since that's clearly the reason this eagle originally dove into the water: to grab lunch.  Usually if we do see eagles diving toward the water for fish, we see them grab the fish and fly back up into the sky.

Not this guy or gal.  This eagle hangs out for a bit on the bank of the lake, then appears to fly away, spreading his powerful wings but really just moving a few feet away.

Who knows, maybe he wanted to eat his lunch in private or go for another swim.  Here's the awesome video.

Our beautiful wildlife in action is quite moving.

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