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Feeling a little nostalgic for a good sub? You're in luck. Read on.

People of the Seacoast remember the original Roland's Sub Shop in Dover for 54 years.  Roland's closed in December 2021 following the retirement of Carol Boucher.

Roland's Sub Shop was born in 1967, the idea of Roland and Mary Boucher of Somersworth, NH.  Carol, their daughter, took over after her dad died in 2015.

Facebook post from Alyssa Oliver
Facebook post from Alyssa Oliver

Here's some of their story from legacy.com.

Roland served our country proudly in the U.S. Navy. He married his sweetheart, Mary Prince, on Aug. 6, 1955. Roland worked and retired after many years at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard.

After settling in Dover in 1963, Mary wanted to work to help with the family income, but having two children made it tough. So, Roland had an idea to start a sub shop in 1967. Roland and Mary created "Roland's Sub Shop," in Dover, which closed last year, resulting in much sadness from the community.

Long lines at Roland's Sub Shop were a familiar sight.  The owners not only made great sandwiches but also knew most of their patrons by name, and what they ordered. That's rare in today's world.

Facebook post from Alyssa Oliver
Facebook post from Alyssa Oliver

Imagine the surprise of fans of Roland's Sub Shop when the news broke about the resurgence of this beloved establishment.

New owners, The Prinopoulos Family, say they are committed to continuing the quality and original ingredients that separates Roland's from other food service providers.

I spoke with Alyssa Oliver of Dover, whose family are the new owners.

According to Alyssa, "when Roland's closed there was a lot of sadness and upset people, so former Dover Mayor and Strafford County Commissioner George McGlaras, lifelong friend of the Boucher Family, did not want to see the historical staple of Dover be lost in time. So, he made arrangements with John and Tanya Prinopoulos to continue this legacy."

Facebook post from Alyssa Oliver
Facebook post from Alyssa Oliver

On a Facebook post in the What's Happening in (or to) Dover NH Facebook group that highlighted the return of the sandwich shop, there were many comments about the news.

Jennifer McGlone said: "All my years going even if I moved away for months, Carol ALWAYS remembered, original no onions extra black olives. Lol!!  Can't WAIT to get one again soon!!!"

Carol LaBreck Walsh shared: "Yhippee! I have so many friends and relatives that will be thrilled too!"

Cyndi Gagnon Budahn wrote: "OMG! This is awesome!!!!! Looking forward to enjoying Roland’s once again! I’ll take a Super no olives, Please and Thank you!"

And this comment says it all: "Yay! The tuna sub loaded! My favorite sub of all time! Can't wait! from Angie Pelletier Papa."


Roland's Sub Shop will be located in the Citgo across from the Burger King in downtown Dover. They will be accepting debit and credit cards, which is new for this sub shop, and eventually will have a drive-through, too.

The phone number will stay the same. The anticipated opening will be in mid-April.  Buon Appetito.

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