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A upcoming event will see women across Maine come together to hit the road, gravel, and dirt.

The Women's Ride is back this year, and better than ever. The event, which is put on by the Bicycle Coalition of Maine, will be held on Saturday, June 4. The ride is open to anyone who identifies as a woman. There's also rides for all skill levels and riding styles.

When they say statewide, they mean it. This year's event has rides in at least 17 towns, located in 10 of Maine's counties. That's a pretty solid representation of the state. Even Madawaska is hosting a ride.

Perhaps the most unique aspect of the event is the accessibility of it. The organizers set it up so there's rides for all skill levels and styles of riding. Not only does it give riders options, it also can cater to their most comfortable style of riding. And with beginner classes available, it encourages women to perhaps try something new.

The entire list of rides can be found on the Bicycle of Coalition's website. Each ride has its own check-in and start time, so it's important for any rider to do their homework.

Each ride has its own registration page. The suggested donation for the ride is $35, which actually includes a membership to to the Bicycle Coalition of Maine.

It's nice to see this event come back this year. The ride is a great way to promote cycling, fitness, togetherness, and fun. Best of luck to all involved in this year's ride.

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