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It's truly like a drug that you can get addicted to, especially if it actually happens -- it's like the first high you always want to chase back and feel again.

Going viral on social media.

A big goal for a lot of people on social media in 2023 is to go viral, stay viral, and become an influencer. It's fun, it's not a "real job" (as in not a boring 9a-5p desk job, but more an outside-the-box way to make money), and it's just very much a now thing.

Jon Sailer / Michael Denning / Mark Tulin
Jon Sailer / Michael Denning / Mark Tulin

But it's interesting when and how it can possibly happen. Because for as hard as a lot of people try and go viral, sometimes it just doesn't happen for them. Yet, people who post something either to pass time or to be funny end up going viral, and that's where the addiction could start.

And the confusion.

Because there are times going viral isn't always for a good reason. Example: About a decade ago, my friend -- a personal trainer, therefore certified in all things health -- sent me a video while she was pregnant of her flexing her abs. And it was wild to watch.

And it also went viral and caused a massive debate in the comments about whether or not it was healthy (SPOILER: about a decade later, her child was born and has been raised healthy without any issues whatsoever.) But still, a pretty controversial reason to go viral.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, back when the Trolls movie came out and Justin Timberlake's song Can't Stop the Feeling was blowing up, my friend Derec went viral on Facebook for posting a video fresh off knee surgery dancing to the song on crutches.

So, going viral can happen unexpectedly at a moment's notice. Just ask Mainers, who have gone viral for multiple different reasons over the years.

Bigfoot, Apologies, and More: Seven Times Maine Has Gone Viral

In case you needed proof Mainers are amazing.

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