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Free Mini Libraries

We’re all familiar with the adorable free libraries scattered around your town and sprinkled across different neighborhoods. The tiny boxes sit in someone’s yard and are filled with free books open for anyone to grab a book or leave one behind. It’s the cutest and most perfect way to get rid of an old book you’ll never read again and grab a new one to enjoy.

The same idea has been adopted but for movies and video games, titled with the nostalgic name of ‘FreeBlockbuster’.

Blockbuster Movies

Remember Blockbuster movies? I miss the days of walking into a movie store, picking up my favorite candy, and rummaging through the aisles of VHS and DVD movies to find the right one for a Friday night spent in with friends or family.

Things are just too easy now. Turning on Netflix and scrolling your life away is far from eliciting the same feeling as physically touching the movies, looking through the shelves, and walking into a store.

These free movie libraries are a nostalgic way to bring back physical copies of our favorite films and games.


As their website shares, the mission of the free movie boxes is, “to combat the myth of scarcity by providing free entertainment to as many people as possible.”

The boxes are all over the country and there’s even one in Mexico! You can locate your nearest box on their website but Maine just got their very first one.

Sitting outside of Alexander Calder’s home in Brunswick, Maine’s first FreeBlockbuster box has been filled and is ready for you to grab a movie or drop one off. This is convenient, nostalgic, and a wholesome way to get rid of those old movies laying around or pick up an old one you haven’t seen in years.

It’s also a way to connect the community as we donate and borrow from one another. Entertainment, movies, and games bring us together, bring about nostalgic memories, and give us something to enjoy in the company we love.

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