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After an Easter spent cleaning up the house, putting out the fires, hosting off the dogs, getting the cat to come down from a tree, begging your kids to please go to bed, then begging them to please get out of bed and go to school, or anywhere, many parents in New England were likely thinking: "There has to be a better way!"

A healthier way for kids to eat candy (without losing their gosh-dang minds).

And who better to solve this age-old conundrum than…Boston Celtics All-Star Jayson Tatum?

You bet. If it’s candy with healthier ingredients and way less sugar you're after, Tatum, in the words of Mike Gorman, has “got it!”

En route to another All-NBA team and (we hope) a deep playoff run, the sixth-year Celtics forward launched Small Wins – a candy company that promises “better-for-you candy.”

In addition to being plant based, Small Wins are advertised as allergy-friendly, plant based, and low in sugar, while containing no artificial ingredients.

Flavors include mixed classic gummies, sour mix gummies, and a classic and sour mix.

When he made the announcement, Tatum was on the cusp of becoming the first Celtic in franchise history (franchise history!) to average 30 points-per-game in one season. He’s also been mentioned as a strong candidate to be the Celtics’ first MVP since Larry Bird in 1986 (and ’84 and ’85).

However, the St. Louis native has become perhaps equally notable for the close bond he shares with his son Deuce, who attends most Celtics home games. Tatum’s father-first attitude is reminiscent of Celtics legend (and former “Cheers” star) Kevin McHale.

A couple years back, they'd finally cross paths...

More details about Tatum’s new venture can be found here.

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