This whole thing just seems weird. And a little uncharacteristic?

Maybe it's because over the last few years, Boston and surrounding areas (especially Worcester) has become a hot spot for movies and TV shows to be filmed, so we're used to celebrities being spotted in New England.

But regardless, when celebrities are seen in New England, a big deal is always made about it. But what happened over the weekend involving Sam Smith just seemed -- different.

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Sam Smith Boston Show

Side note -- another weird thing? Normally when big, popular artists have concerts announced in New England -- and especially in Boston, since playing any big venue in Boston like TD Garden, Fenway, and by extension, Gillette Stadium -- it's a big deal and talked about for a while.

Need examples? When Taylor Swift and Luke Combs announced their Gillette Stadium shows last year, they were talked about until the shows actually happened and also afterward, too. Same with Morgan Wallen's three sold-out shows at Fenway Park next week.

Yet, Sam Smith was scheduled for and performed at TD Garden in Boston this past Saturday, August 5, and it seemed like somehow that show went under the radar. Maybe it's because there has been so much focus on Taylor, Luke, and Morgan, that it got lost in the mix.

But it's not like the weirdness just ended there, because it continued after Sam was spotted grabbing brunch in Boston's Beacon Hill the morning after their TD Garden show.

The reaction to Sam being spotted grabbing brunch at Figs just out in the open like a normal human was just so bizarre. Because the comments section on the above post was a truly wild, angry ride.

'Yeah, it really isn't a big deal.'

'Nobody cares button.' (with an arrow pointing to the heart symbol)

'Who gives a (expletive).'

'This account is like the only person who cares. We don’t care really if a celeb is out and about.'

'Exactly. No big deal.'


'Those plants need water.'

'Who cares about that weirdo.' everyone okay?

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