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It seems Boston just can’t finish first in anything in 2022.

During the same summer the Red Sox stand a distant fifth in the American League East, the Hub ranked fifth in a list of the Rudest Cities in America, according to a study conducted by the website Preply.

Maybe people are excited about the Survivor Series coming to the TD Garden in October. Or perhaps it’s everyone’s relief over the elusive North Shore Black Bear’s capture. But for whatever reason, the city lost its way and forgot to be our nation’s rudest.

Number two was Philadelphia, which isn’t shocking, as that’s the same town that booed Santa Claus and sent another young man moving with his auntie and uncle in Bel-Air. Number two was New York City, which lost its standing as a perennial favorite for “rudest” when I moved back to New Hampshire.

Two others on the list stand out as surprises. Number three (ahead of both Boston and Philly) is Memphis, Tennessee. I’m sorry, but isn’t that where everyone wears sequined jumpsuits and says, “Thank you, thank you very much”?

The rudest city? Las Vegas, Nevada. Never been, but to anyone claiming people were nice to them in Las Vegas: did you have to pay for it?

So we had an off year, New England. But in order to get us back to the top of Rude Mountain, remember these three basic rules:

  • If you see something, say something…that you have is wicked nicer.
  • Always lend a hand (and extend a finger).
  • Treat others like they’re Derek Jeter.

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