Ping-pong is about to get serious for Massachusetts. On Tuesday, a new, upscale ping-pong bar opened its doors on Melcher Street in Boston, taking the ping-pong table out of the college frat basement and into a sleek and sophisticated hangout in the Seaport District. Spin is ready to serve up some unique entertainment.

Jonathan Bricklin and Franck Raharinosy had a dream of making it on the Olympic Ping-Pong team, and they practiced day and night to fulfill that dream. Somewhere in their journey, between the practicing and the weekly ping pong parties, the two best friends developed an idea that would bring all walks of life together.

“From the moment we opened our doors, we have seen the worldwide growth of an iconic ping pong culture, lifestyle, and movement, which has redefined the game to know no boundaries,” said Spin. “It’s all about having fun, not taking life too seriously, making human connections, and embracing the contradictions.”

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With their self-acclaimed hashtag “United by Ping Pong," Bricklin and Raharinosy invite anyone and everyone to experience the allure and excitement of the sport. Over a dozen tables take up Spin, with an option to reserve a private room for special events. A full-service bar keeps the players hydrated, a house DJ will keep you in the zone, on on-site catering will fuel your competitive fire.

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The artwork throughout Spin is an attraction all its own. Vibrant colors, portraits of beautiful women, and their notorious bathtub filled with ping pong balls are all waiting to be added to your Instagram grid.




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The next time you and your friends take a trip to the city, impress them by swapping out a typical dive bar and serving them up this upscale ping-pong experience.

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