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Plum Island businesses are requesting some portable toilets as it seems as though the problem in this case, is that there aren't any!

The businesses located in this heavenly area are having a hellish time with what we shall refer to as 'visitor relief issues'.

Google Street View
Google Street View

Apparently, in recent years, the town began to supply portable toilets in the beach parking areas.  According to this Daily News article, due to issues of vandalism, they have limited that season in between Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends.

Yet, according to the mass.gov website, a different reason is given.

Facilities at Sandy Point State Reservation

  • Restrooms - CLOSED to aid in the prevention of spreading COVID-19

                - Mass.Gov Sandy Point State Reservation Official Website

Whatever the reason may be, there are no options for the visitors to go when 'nature calls'.

There are four businesses that are currently being bombarded by the public to use their restrooms and due to COVID-19 health and safety protocols, it's difficult enough for those places to function under the current guidelines as far as limited capacity is concerned.

In order to get to the bottom of this situation, I called upon an expert in both the fields of Plum Island AND having to use the facilities often, my Mom, Christie Lapierre.

She goes bird watching there at least once a month and said when she was there 3 weeks ago, there were, 'At least 4 nice porta-potties, right where they've always been.' and 'People that go in those businesses either must not know where to look, or don't want to use them altogether'.

This Plum Island facilities mystery seems to deepen with every twist and turn!

My advice for anyone visiting there prior to Memorial Day weekend in need of using the bathroom, ask a birder!

I guarantee anyone with binoculars will know 'Right where they've always been.'

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