Are you ready to be a superhero?

A dog with a very unique name is up for adoption in Maine. He also happens to pretty cute, too.

Meet Chris Evans. No, not that actor. The dog.

What an absolutely amazing name for a dog. There's something about dogs with normal human names that just kills me.

Chris Evans (the dog) is looking for a forever home. He is currently residing at the Pope Memorial Humane Society in Thomaston, while waiting for that perfect family to adopt him.

Chris Evans (the dog) is in his senior years, as he just turned nine years old. The Humane Society writes that he would be a perfect pet for a relaxing home where he can live out his older years. And, like any hound dog, Chris Evans (the dog) likes a set schedule, especially when it comes to feeding time. This doesn't shock me at all, considering he's a hound. Believe me, I'm speaking as a father of a hound dog.

According to the post, Chris Evans (the dog) is quite a chill and relaxed hound (I didn't realize those existed). He tends to just go with the flow, while all the other dogs get loud and proud.

If you are looking for a perfect companion, then look no further than this guy. He would be ideal for a young family or couple that wants an easygoing, loving dog with an incredible name.

Or perhaps Chris Evans (the actor) would be interested in adopting Chris Evans (the dog). I don't know, would it be strange to have a dog that has the exact same name as yourself? I mean, some would say it's quite arrogant. But it's not like he named the dog Chris Evans.

Either way, hopefully Chris Evans (the dog) will have that forever home soon.

This world needs more superheroes like those who rescue dogs.


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