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Have you ever played the game Clue and wanted to try out a murder mystery in real life? Well here's some good news: a murder mystery is coming to an abandoned mansion in Boston, Massachusetts.

The search for a killer is on. You and a group of others will have to collect clues and find out who committed the crime.

If you think you have what it takes to solve the mystery, then you may want to figure out who can help you solve it and get a group together. The Murder Mystery: The Abandoned Mansion experience is hosted by Feverup.com, and coming to an unknown abandoned mansion in Boston.

This murder mystery has previously been in Chicago.

Murder Mystery: The Abandoned Mansion is going to be an immersive game. You will have to solve the mystery of how a wealthy widow passed away in her home. According to Feverup.com, you will receive autopsy reports showing that the widow was poisoned.

Get some friends together and join the investigation team to search for clues, question suspects, and solve the crime. Uncover the secrets that hide in the mansion to find the killer. It is honestly like playing a real game of Clue.

Well, if you are ready for the challenge, the murder mystery should last about 2 hours. Please note that according to Feverup.com, participants need to be at least 21 years of age.

Unfortunately, dates have yet to be announced, but you are able to sign up for the waitlist now for when tickets become available.

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