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This is the kind-of tragic story that breaks your heart, so please share this news, and let's do what we can to help the dogs and get the abuser or abusers who left them starving and dehydrated.

Four malnourished pit bulls have been recovered by the Salem, Massachusetts, police department, while a fifth is still missing.  Now they need our help to find the alleged abusers of these furry friends and the missing pup.  Please reach out to Salem Police or your local police departments in New Hampshire or Maine if you're more comfortable leaving information with them.

Don't these smiles just melt your heart knowing they're now safe?  Phew!

Salem MA Police via Facebook
Salem MA Police via Facebook

According to the Salem Massachusetts Police Department, several people called 911 to report at least one person abandoning these pit bulls on various streets around Salem.  These calls came in from various concerned residents witnessing five pit bulls being abandoned in total.  This is so heartbreaking, but at the same time, what a relief for the alert residents, because now all but one is accounted for and safe.

Salem Police say two pit bulls were found in the area of Federal and North Streets, while the other two were recovered around Proctor Street.  Salem Police say the third one left at Proctor is still wandering around lost.

The police say that these dogs area severally malnourished, dehydrated, and show signs of abuse and neglect, so they are rigorously investigating this as an animal cruelty case.

New Hampshire State Police
New Hampshire State Police

Any information you may have regarding these pit bulls could be helpful, even if you're not an eyewitness to the abandonment.  Boston.com says this is similar to a case earlier this year, where New Hampshire State Police brought animal cruelty charges against a couple who allegedly abandoned a dog on the side of a bridge in Shelburne.

This dog was safely rescued by a state trooper and a dog trainer, thank goodness.

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