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How well do I know New England? I feel like I have a lot of love and pride for New England, but do I really know New England like I think I should?

I was recently quizzed on 10 phrases, sayings, and other questions all about New England. I fared well and was happy about my performance.

That led me to think about New Hampshire specifically.

With my roots planted in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, attending undergrad and grad school in New Hampshire, and my frequent summer trips to the White Mountains, I like to think I bleed the 603.

Do you?

We all know the state motto: "Live free or die." Darn right!

Most of us New Hampshire folk could point out our state flag: the blue flag with the Continental frigate Raleigh in the middle, all surrounded by gold leaves and stars.

I would bet that anyone from New Hampshire over the age of 20 could describe what "The Old Man of the Mountain" is, where it once rested, and how symbolic it was.

But what about the state mineral? Do you know that?

No, Granite Staters, it is not Granite. In fact, it is Beryl, according to a State Symbols USA article.

What about the state dog, bird, tree, fruit, and vegetable? Think you know those?

I was pretty impressed that I was able to guess a few correct. I was also shocked to learn some of the symbols that I had no clue of. I did not even know New Hampshire, and all states, identify certain symbols like a state amphibian or state insect.

Now it's your turn to test your knowledge and see how well you know the 603 and its symbols. Think you can ace the quiz and get them all right? Good luck!

You can check out some more symbols at NH.gov, but first, let's see if you can get these 15 without cheating. And. Go.

Take the Quiz: Can You Guess These 15 Symbols of New Hampshire?

How New Hampshire are you? Do you know all of these 603 symbols? Try this quiz, and be sure to check out all of the state's symbols here after.

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