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Portland, Maine Murals

A professional local muralist is breathing life and color into Portland, Maine with vibrant and beautiful artwork across the city.

You may have seen his work at local breweries, dispensaries, brick walls around town, and even utility boxes scattered in the streets. Once you recognize his unique artwork, you’ll start to notice his distinctive touches around the city.

Jared Goulette, The Color Wizard

Born and raised in Vermont, Jared Goulette, known as The Color Wizard, studied fine art at The Maine College of Art and is now a Maine-based professional muralist.

Goulette creates large-scale interior and exterior murals using incredible shadowing and highlight effects, vibrant colors, and impressive layering to make you feel like you can walk right into or grab ahold of his work.

Spray Painted Murals & Work

Filled with talent, The Color Wizard takes something as mundane as a blank wall or utility box and turns it into something that catches your eye, makes you stop and stare, and appreciate its allure, which is why we love having his work spread across our city and local businesses.

You may have noticed the utility boxes sprinkled around the city that are bursting with texture and colors that represent Maine. The artist took a dull and unattractive object and transformed it into a piece of art.

Whether it’s commissioned work for a local business or a mural for the city, The Color Wizard’s artwork breathes life into Portland. To get a taste for yourself, here are some examples of his work:

The Color Wizard's Murals in Portland, Maine

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