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Chris Rock has been doing stand up in Boston

Just hours before the final two shows of Chris Rock's three-night stay in Boston at the Wilbur Theatre, so far word coming from all of his shows is that it's been nothing but positivity.

As reported after his very first public appearance following "the slap seen 'round the world" at The Oscars on Sunday night, the only real addressing Chris did was mention that he was "still processing" what happened, after jokingly asking the crowd how their weekend was.

Last night was the second night of Chris' three-night stay, and the main headline coming out of last night was that Chris is not only all about keeping the positivity rolling and getting passed this incident, but also not putting up with any smack talk from either end.

Chris shut down a cursing Will Smith hater last night

According to audience members in attendance for one of his Wilbur shows last night, at some point during Chris' set, someone in the crowd became screaming,

"F*** Will Smith!"

Apparently, according to People, there were some hecklers during Chris' Wednesday night performances; however, he reportedly just tuned them out and went about his set. But last night was different, and Chris addressed the heckler with one simple word repeated five times.

"No, no. No no no."

Chris could have had Will arrested on the spot at The Oscars

In the nonstop fallout that has monopolized most of the headlines this week, news also came out late last night/earlier this morning that police were actually on hand at The Oscars on Sunday night and were ready to arrest Will. At the end of the day, regardless of the fact that the crowd both laughed and cheered the slap, then gave Will a standing ovation when he won the Oscar for Best Actor, police said Will committed assault.

They gave Chris the option to go ahead and press charges and give them the go-ahead to put Will in cuffs; however, Chris refused and just wanted the show to go on so as to not put even more of a show-stealing cloud over the night.

It remains to be seen what, if anything, fans will do tonight to rehash the incident from Sunday night, something that Chris is surely looking to move on from as quickly and quietly as possible. Other than Will's social media apology and a couple of posts from his wife, Jada, and daughter, Willow, dropping some quotes about being kind and spreading love, there hasn't been much else addressing the situation from the Smith side.

And since Will is under investigation still by The Academy, it's probably for the best. As for Chris -- no doubt he'll have fans slapping not his face, but their knees while laughing hysterically for his final shows tonight at The Wilbur.

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