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Apparently this scene had beachgoers running as the fin of a shark appeared within feet of the calm Ladies' Beach on the idyllic island of Nantucket, Massachusetts.  I mean, wait until you see the video and the distinct shape of the head.

The person taking the video, Lisa Larson, clearly felt safe enough to stick around and capture this incredible video of a hammerhead shark feasting on a fish that brought him or her on the beautiful sandy beach.

Check it out below!  You get a super close-up view of the distinct shape of the head which gives the hammerhead its name. Can you imagine being right there, hanging out, enjoying a beautiful, summer beach day and literally see a fin close to you?

According to On the Water, Lisa was just enjoying another magnificent vacation day on Nantucket when the hammerhead came into view mere feet from the sand.

I am laying in my towel, and I see these five people in their late twenties start sprinting from waist deep in the water, pointing and that's when my husband instantly suggested that I point my cell phone camera.  And it basically cut the head off the bluefish, lost it, and then came back and found it again.  It was almost wrestling the fish. I think the fish was a little feisty.


However, this wasn't the first time.  Lisa said she had heard that a pair of hammerheads had been spotted combing the island’s southern shore the day before. Earlier that morning, a lifeguard from an adjacent beach had also trekked to warn Ladies’ Beach vacationers that they had seen a hammerhead cruising the shallows toward them. Sure enough, Lisa caught it on video.

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