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This Sunday, Bill Burr will make history when he becomes the first comedian to perform at Fenway Park.

A Boston native, the "Mandalorian" star has made numerous appearances in the Red Sox broadcasting booth ahead of the show, and this week was spotted on Instagram by Only in Boston, enjoying some downtime on a bench.

We can’t be sure of the exact conversation, but here are some Things Bill Burr May Have Said to Pigeons While He Was Relaxing on a Bench:

“I’m Bill Burr and Iiiiiiiiiiiiii’m just throwin’ bread at ya!”

“Does it bother you guys when kids run after ya? Then ya gotta fly, but ya gotta try to be polite and just fly a few feet. Because GOD FORBID LITTLE CALEB AND CASSIDY GET THE BOO-HOOS WHEN THEY WERE JUST TRYIN’ TO MAKE FRIENDS WITH A BIRD! THIS IS ONE BIG EARTH! AND WE ALL SHARE IT! I bet later on you find their dad’s windshield and give it the old right there Fred, am I right?”

“How do you guys feel about squirrels, huh? You guys get along? Ya ever think about how utterly dominant squirrels would be if they were bigger?? How high can a squirrel jump, like ten feet or somethin’ crazy? What would that be if they were as big as a dog – like 60 feet? Of course their muscle would weigh them down I guess, I dunno. Well I should know, I’m a pilot.”

“Any of you guys see ‘Home Alone 2,’ with that crazy bird lady in CENTRAL PAHK OVAH THERE?? Then there was the broad in Mary Poppins, what was her name? The lady kids threw their nickels at or whatever. Wasn’t that the song? ‘THROW ALL YOUR COINS...AT THE BROAD OVAH THERE’?? I dunno.”

“I’m gonna go smoke a cigar. Go pluck ya-selves.”

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