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I was shown a video that made me remember something I had nearly forgotten about. Something I was able to experience before it disappeared forever. I remembered I rode the legendary Skimobile at Cranmore Mountain.

The Facebook group Seacoast NH,ME,MA Remember when... shared this video. It was posted on YouTube by the The Governor Francis Parnell Murphy Museum and Historical Archive, a digital archive with a wealth of history.

The video above is an amazing look at what was an iconic ski lift. Complete with the perfect mid-20th Century announcer voice, the video shows the early days of the popular lift.

According to skisoutheast.com, the Skimobile was first used in 1939. Each of the 60 cars held one skier to begin with. The lift would soon be extended to reach the summit of the mountain, and became a year-long attraction.

The Skimobile would sadly shut down for good in 1989, but not before a young Chris Sedenka would get an opportunity to ride it. Yes, I was only about 8 or 9, but seeing this video has brought back some pretty vivid memories of my only trip to Cranmore.

I remember the skimobile being relatively slow. I also remember loving it, because it was on the ground. I can't say I'm a big fan of heights. I also remember an obnoxiously long line to use it, which in hindsight makes perfect sense. The thing was iconic.

It's great to see this video and so many images of the Skimobile going around. It's another wonderful piece of Northern New England Nostalgia. And now my goal in life is to own one of those legendary cars.

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