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Dash cams have become a very popular method to make sure if you are in an accident, that you have a record of it. That way, when drivers blame each other for the cause of the accident, all you have to do is show the captured video to the police and the insurance companies to know who was in the wrong.

The small cameras mount to your dash and some also come with rear cameras you can mount in your back window. They range in price from a mere $50 to over $250 for the best-quality video.

The cameras are typically always on and always recording with a buffer that can be set. They can then be voice-activated to save the video as soon as an accident happens. You may never need to use them, but they may be worth every penny if you ever find yourself in a collision with another vehicle.

But many YouTubers save videos whenever they see another accident or some really dumb moves by drivers captured by a dashcam to crank up some views in an effort to make some extra cash. There's even a YouTube channel showing bad drivers in Portland.

One of those YouTube channels, called Dashcam Nation, captured an accident on the highway near Lowell, Massachusetts. A work van starts to veer off the left shoulder and ends up flipping over and landing in the left lane with equipment on the roof spilling into oncoming traffic.

I wasn't able to find any police reports on this accident, but I hope everyone involved is okay. This is a graphic reminder of how alert we need to remain when behind the wheel.

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