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This video I've attached below STILL makes me jump.

It's frightening seeing ice chunks hurling through the air directly at your car, with zero time to avoid them, knowing you're the bullseye, and blinding you the second you're hit.

Capeway Towing
Capeway Towing Screen Shot from Video

This video is one of those we all feel out of fear because it's a situation you or I could be in.

Here's the terrifying dash cam video that Capeway Towing in Wellfleet, Massachusetts, posted to its Facebook page last year.  Scarier still is that it's a beautiful, sunny day after a small snowfall.

Now, first of all, I want you to know that the driver, according to the Cape Cod Times, only got minor cuts and bruises.  Phew!  Kudos to staying calm and clearly keeping control of his vehicle as he slowly steered his way off of Highway 6.

I mean, you and I both know that this could have easily turned into a major collision with multiple cars, or this driver slamming into the guard rail. So petrifying.

Capeway Towing
Capeway Towing

Massachusetts and Maine don't have any laws regarding snow and ice on vehicles. However, police can fine drivers if snow or ice is obstructing views, considered an unsecured load, or impedes the roadway after falling off of our vehicles.

Meanwhile, New Hampshire's Jessica's Law requires drivers to clear snow and ice off their cars before hitting the road.  It's named after Jessica Smith, who was killed from flying ice.

Here's another video of this frightening experience that can be prevented.

Please heed these warnings even if it's not law.  It could save a life.

Have you ever had a close call or been hit by flying ice and snow?

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