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Wednesday on Netflix

It's only been streaming on Netflix for two weeks and it's already become one of the most popular and most-watched series on the platform.

In fact, at the pace it's going right now, Season 1 of Wednesday is set to beat Stranger Things: Season 4 as the most-watched English series in Netflix history.

And the best part? Except for the first 10 minutes or so, the whole series is set right here in New England.

Getty Images / Netflix via YouTube
Getty Images / Netflix via YouTube

Jericho, Vermont

Considering the whole plot of the series is based around mythical creatures in human form that attend a fictitious school named Nevermore Academy (although, to Netflix's credit, they went above and beyond and created an actual website for the school), you'd think the town would be fictional, too.

But according to the official town's website, Jericho, Vermont is an actual real town in Vermont that's just east of Burlington on Route 15.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Where Wednesday Was Actually Filmed

In the series (and this isn't a spoiler at all), there are two real main settings for the show, Nevermore Academy and the downtown area of Jericho. And while Nevermore Academy obviously doesn't exist, you'd think that since the town of Jericho actually does, they would've taken an area over for filming.

But according to Architectural Digest, the show was filmed in Romania, mainly because of a castle that made for a perfect location to film the scenes at and inside Nevermore Academy.

Also, if a very IYKYK (if you know, you know) moment, there's actually a line in the series that mentions Romania.

Netflix via YouTube
Netflix via YouTube

Will There Be a Season 2 of Wednesday?

Solid question, but all signs point to yes. The finale of Season 1 (which lasts 8 episodes) opens the door wide to a second season, so the storyline is there.

But obviously, it all depends on public interest, too. And considering that, according to Variety, Wednesday is already sitting at #3 on the list of most-watched English Netflix series, it'd be tough to find a reason for Season 2 to not happen.

In fact, sitting at 752.5 million hours streamed right now after just two weeks, Variety is reporting that Wednesday is on track to jump from #3 to #1, passing Monster - Dahmer: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story (856.2 million hours streamed in 28 days) and the current #1, Stranger Things: Season 4 (1.35 billion hours streamed in 28 days).

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