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How hilariously awesome is this? I'm in!  I mean, who doesn't want an island in their state called Busta Rhymes, am I right?  And in case you're just thinking it's a kitchy name and nothing more, let me introduce you to Busta, an actor and rapper with two songs that made him a household name. He also appeared in tons of popular movies and television shows.

'I know What You Want' with Mariah Carey may help if you're not sure, as well as 'Don't Cha' with the Pussy Cat Dolls.  I've attached both via YouTube at the end of this article.

Anyway, here's the fun background behind Busta Rhymes Island in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, about 40 minutes from Boston.  It's a 40 feet by 40 feet island in the middle of Mill Pond.  According to WBZ NewsRadio, the island has a few trees, a rope swing, several broken chairs, and a beaver.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Now, while this isn't the official name of the island (actually, the island doesn't have a name at all), it was geotagged enough times that it now comes up on Google Maps.  LOL, how fun is that!

According to Alta Obscura, a local rapper who cares for the upkeep of the island for no other reason than he likes it, started calling it Busta Rhymes Island after one of his favorite rappers. He literally tried to have it officially named Busta Rhymes Island. However, Kevin O'Brien's attempt with the United States Board on Geographic Names was turned down because according to Alta Obscura, the rules require the person, in this case, Busta, to be dead for at least five years.  Busta is very much alive, so for now, even though unofficial, it's lovingly known as Busta Rhymes Island. 

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