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As the Writers Guild of America strike drags on (likely to be followed by actors and possibly directors striking), we face a long-term void in scripted film and TV content. In the here-and-now, however, we feel the absence of late-night talk shows.

So, while you can hear and read interviews with beloved New England figures, you may miss out on seeing them, like you can when Maine’s Stephen King visits The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

During a stop at the Ed Sullivan Theater in 2001, Colbert put the King of Horror on the spot, asking him if there was ever a novel on which he almost gave up. King confirms that there was – one that would go on to be a classic, in fact. Even more notable is the simple (yet blunt) way King went about solving this problem.

Colbert went a step further and asked Stephen King to name his five favorite stories and novels by Stephen King. A difficult question, for sure, but handled swiftly and gracefully by the man who once cursed the New York Yankees during a live interview.

Predictably, King goes with Misery, along with two other well-known novels. However, he also names a couple cult favorites that likely land in the “diehard” category.

Curiously, King fails to mention a modern classic many (including yours truly) have called his greatest novel of all time, while also ignoring a couple other hits – possibly because he wrote them under a pseudonym to see if people would still buy his work.

Watch the author list his favorites in the clip below.

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