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Roller Derby in Maine

We’re used to hearing about classic sports like basketball, football, and baseball, but there are hundreds of sports out there that don’t make it to the spotlight. Roller derby is one of them.

Did you know Maine has roller derby teams you can not only cheer on but also join?

When I moved back to Vacationland, I started trying all sorts of new things. I had just graduated college and finally had the time and finances to find things I was interested in, meet new people, and add new skills to my life toolbelt. I tried skiing, took pole fitness classes, picked up rollerskating, and really put myself out there.

In my quest to find new things and classes, I stumbled upon the sport of “roller derby”. It has been gliding under my radar but apparently, Maine has roller derby teams you can be a part of.

Maine Roller Derby

Maine Roller Derby is a league in Maine that consists of three competitive teams that compete in Portland. The league is regularly recruiting new skaters, and their home season runs from February-June and September-December, so you have time to dust off those rollerblades and practice for the summer before you go compete.

The website explains the “bouts” (which is a roller derby term for “game”) as extremely family-friendly but lively events. They have live entertainment, half-time shows, crafts, activities for kids, energetic and funny announcers, raffle prizes, merch for sale, and an extremely vocal and lively fan base that doesn’t hold back.

Not only does it seem like a fun sport to try out and join to put yourself out there, but it may even be fun just to check out a ‘bout’. It never hurts to try something new…

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