A brush fire in the woods burned up about an acre of land in Dover and Madbury on Monday morning, according to officials.

Dover Fire Chief Paul Haas said they were called to the scene at Barbadoes Pond about 9:20 a.m.

"It was reported by someone on the opposite side of the pond who said they could see it," Haas said.

The pond is near Route 9, according to a map.

Monday's fire was described as smoky by a witness.

Dover's firefighters were joined by crews from Durham, Lee, Madbury and Barrington to help extinguish the flames.

Haas said it is so dry right now that they need lots of people and time to make sure brush fires are fully suppressed.

On May 10, a large brush fire burned about 15 acres of land in Dover. That fire was in the area of Tolend and Glen Hill roads.

Thick forest in the area made it difficult for firefighters to find the source of that fire.

Haas said there were no injuries in Monday's fire and no property was damaged.

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