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Imaging being so high above the beautiful city of Boston that you can see neighborhoods which would normally take a while to drive to.  Think of being high up on a cloud, and that's what the scheduled "Cloud Terrace" will feel like.

The Cloud Terrace will utilize the top three floors of the Prudential Center, and provide a 360-degree view all around the building on the terrace at the 51st floor.

This space was formerly the "Top of the Hub" restaurant and observatory, which has been closed for three years.

Reddit users seem excited.

I got my phone ready to take dozens of pics of me atop the Pru and flex on all my social media followers!!!!


CBSnews.com says above the Cloud Terrace will be "The View", offering panoramic views no matter where you stand, as this is an indoor concept.

Boston Properties via CBSNews.com
Boston Properties via CBSNews.com

According to ViewBoston.com, the bar and restaurant on the top floor of the Prudential Center will be available for "a corporate event, product launch, engagement party or wedding", offering sweeping 33 mile views and an event to remember for your guests.

The Beacon will be an exquisite restaurant high atop the Pru, and the Stratus Bar is a place for a "sunset cocktail", or beautiful lunch.

Boston Properties via CBSNews.com
Boston Properties via CBSNews.com

And check out the purposeful photo stage over the city of Boston, a sure stop for what will be one of the hottest Instagram spots in Boston.

This will definitely be an upgrade from the original restaurant and observatory, and will likely wind up being a tourist destination and a source of pride for Bostonians.

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